Dear Editor,

MAURICIO STANLEY writing from SUVA, FIJI ISLANDS raised some important aspect of some of the expectation of the public to the Solomon Islands "government of the people, for the people and by the people".

Governments come into power "by the people", "for the people" or "of the people". when you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that government..

When a government is in power, it is usually to meet a need people have expressed.
They have come to assist us through difficulties, to provide us with guidance and support (maybe scholarship-in this case), to aid us physically, emotionally or as Stanley suggest in terms of information.

Whilst I agree with the notion and the aspect of modernity, adaptation to technology and ICT, I would hope that any government will not just jump into webCT, and cyber space because someone is looking for governmental information. Stanley and I know that there are alternative ways of getting information on Solomon Islands (unless one is so used to cyber-net speed, purchase online, a credit card or an online-flight bookings privilege).

To copy a system without consideration on the medium and longer term strategies, e.g how to tackle and resolve our own way of doing things (fluid knowledge) vs the current changes on the (written governmental system)- Majority of Solomon Islander I hope, would not disappointment themselves as this is an evolutionary process however, it can be possible if people show leadership, maturity and judgement.

I would hope that Stanley is an exception, and people would not see this as a way to emulate further confusion to the hapi Isles.