Dear editor,

Thanks for allowing me a space to express my concern on the subject above.
It has come to be known that most of the government ministries are lack of online data or information. Many government ministries (likely most) have less capabilities of having such information to be posted online, many citizens especially students studying overseas and business operators (foreign investors) they need some of the information.

In my experience as a student, I did some research in Solomon Islands, when I went to the government ministries and asked for some information they just give me the website to visit, but when I visited these sites it seems that they are not updated even it looks like there are no webmasters either to update these sites. This has brought hindrances to me as a Solomon Islands scholar, which I have the right to access some of the information that suits my studies. It brought me some doubts and confusions, I said to myself; "Is Solomon Islands have information that I need? Are there any survey and researches being carried out or just assumption? For example, and the these site I have browsing since the past to gather information but it's just awkward to see such government ministries to have such sites, even pointless (sorry to use this language), no updates.

Likewise, there are many other government ministries too do not have better online information. I guess that it might be expensive to set up sites and keep on updating. But is there any alternatives that public can have access to such information as government ministries are public services ministries. Because time public go lo oketa ministries for information, oketa say visitim website blo mifala, but time public visitim moa website no eni good information nomoa lo dea.baebae iumi good tu or?