It was used to be the pride of our nation, people or even countries and media talk about us. we used to stand really tall. I can still remember that one moment in 2004, when the town and street of Honiara was filled with very ecstatic and jubilant people running along the streets, chanting" Go Solo Go".

But today we have nothing. I'm really talking about the one and only sport that our people loved so much, "SOCCER".

I was disgusted to watch the game between Koloale FC and Hekari FC in Port Moreasby. It was truly the most embarrassing moment of my life. our boys played like they just learned about soccer a few weeks ago. We were actually thrashed by our opponent. Koloale FC is supposed to be the best team in our country, but they looked like a rookies running around in the field.

I think we should really blame the people who are responsible for development of soccer in our country, they have put us further down.

I think there should be a total change of the SIFF administration, get some new kids in there. If we don't do that, soccer will be a thing of the past. Up to you guys.