Dear Editor,

To reason that Solomon Islands will fallback to how it was manifested on June 2000 (currupt practise) is a joke. Someone wrote that all our effort together with RAMSI will somehow disappear when RAMSI leaves these isles, I mean!!! we are a micro system of the macro domain, how could one assume that Solomon Islands will somehow wake up the next day on the moon or another planet?

The issue here is not about RAMSI, all arrangement in this hapi isles is subjected to some international system, standards and best practises, isolation and regionalism is not one of them.

If people woke up and decide to start their lives on the 80s and 90s then I am sorry, Solomon Islands people have moved on, and the system is getting stronger and stronger. There is no chance of "backward christian soldier song"... Unless you are one of those whose want RAMSI to leave or passively waiting or feed the system to failed.