Dear Sir

In an article of mine which you kindly published yesterday, I raised a concern following the publication of a report in the Solomon Star newspaper on 2 December that the local members of the RSIP were sent unarmed to deal with an outbreak of looting in China Town.

Sources in Honiara have since told me that the Solomon Star report was incorrect and that the local police officers were equipped with riot equipment prior to their deployment and that they succeeded, together with their PPF colleagues, in quickly dispelling the mob and assisted in making arrests.

I am very pleased to learn the truth and assured that, finally, the members of the RSIP have the necessary equipment and support so desperately needed in the past.

At a time of yet another pending leadership change in the RSIP it is particularly gratifying that when the incumbent commissioner leaves take up his new appointment, the service will be in better shape than I was able to leave it a decade ago.

In view of the inaccurate report first published in the Solomon Star, which spurred me into action to defend my friends in the police, perhaps the newspaper might wish to corrrect the original story.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short