I think its time that the government of the day formulated and implement policies that safeguard our resources bearing in mind that we have future generations that would also benefit from those resources. For those generations to have a share in these resources depends entirely on the current policies and how best they are implemented.

I for one, urged the government not to bow down to the threats made by the logging companies as now the time has come to trim down logging entities we have in the country and only retained genuine logging investors who can work together with the government and the landowners to ensure that those who have the resources benefit to the maximum.

The government should now look at ways such as owning the logging machinery and leasing them to interested land owners who wish to harvest timbers on their land, in so doing, we will definately retain the benefits (100% benefits) rather than what is normally and currently practice where the companies get away with something like 6o%, government 25% and the resource owners left with the rest (15%.). I think if the government owns the logging entity the benefits in terms of sharing will be; government 60% and landowners 40% which means nothing gets out of the country.

Anyway, with the current situation, iam asking our politicians to be firmed because after all they are the ones who formulated policies and they too are the ones subjected abusing them. if our political visions are for the people, then we should live and work to their expectations.

I hope that the government and those who have authority to influence decisions do so wisely.