The blame for the current water problem in Honiara can be shared, but certainly not the responsible body who should be providing advice as to how some of the major water problems in Honiara could be managed. To this end, I would like to respectfully disagree with Mrs. Kapini's defense of SIWA.

In other words, 'squatters' using water, and the "wear" and "tear" issues surrounding SIWA continue to exist because SIWA has never tailored solutions to mitigate it.

The sum of the above issues are not the cause of Honiara water, but the symptom of a problem which is SIWA- philosophies as expressed by Mrs Kapini maybe a sign of such that underpins SIWA inability to lead finding solutions to the subject.

If all that SIWA is there for is the "chlorinating" of water then little wonder Honiara will still be having problems.

Having said the above, I recognised for the first time, SIWA has as its manager a very qualified person and I wish him well.

Finally, problems as mentioned by Mrs. Kapini may call for some thinking out of SIWA's current "metre-boxes" - for instance, perhaps SIWA needs to amend its act to include "squatters" as formal water clients - SIWA may be failing to see that these people (which includes a lot of Public Servants) could be an important source of revenue for SIWA (SIEA has this problem too), if only it casts its eyes a little close to its gates and not to the squatter valleys.

To the Manager, and those who are honest and hard working in SIWA, I say thank you.