Dear Editor,

I would like to make a brief response to an article/call by Mrs. Kapini of SIWA.

Whilst I acknowledge all water consumers have a responsibility when it comes to SIWA and water issues in the urban centres, I strongly believe that SIWA holds the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that everyone have access to this vital commodity.

The lack of water in our urban centres and especially in Honiara is unacceptable and inhumane. Before we start talking about our responsibility, SIWA need to first of all, make sure that we have running water, before you can talk about the responsibility of the public at large.

I would like to offer the following points to SIWA to consider and though it is from one person, maybe you could see if as some form of feedback from your customers.

1. I think there is a general feeling out there, that people do not know what SIWA is doing to alleviate the water issue in Honiara (and maybe the provincial centres). It would be great if SIWA's PR person can provide some sort of regular updates. In this way, people are aware of what is going on and they can see what they can do to assist - talking about taking responsibility; people need to know what is happening inorder to make informed choices and take responsibility.

2. There are rumours that SIWA staff are behind the illegal water connections - again, a regular update can clarify these allegations.

3. SIWA to inform customers of how they can assist to ensure that illegal water tapping/connections do not happen and any reports received from the public is treated seriously and not the usual - "oh SIWA is not aware of such and such..." that is a lame and pathetic excuse. Maybe your PR person needs some training to respond to public concerns.

4. SIWA need to be proactive, if you are, I believe there are people out there that will lend you a hand to solve some of the issues you are facing.

I'm exploring ways of taking SIWA to court for its inability to provide an essential service, which is affecting my health.

thank you