I wish to write to refute the above subject which was televised over the One Television few days ago. We were startled to see such irresponsible and untrue news being televised and we regret it as such news will only tarnish the image of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) in particular National Training Unit (NTU). The view expressed was confined to the student interviewed and does not represent the small student body here.

Unlike our fellow students studying in Fiji, we have all our allowances paid to us by the Solomon Islands Government once at the beginning of each semester so it is the responsibility of each student to well manage their spending till the each semester ends.

For this reason, I on behalf the students studying at Alafua Campus would like to convey our words of apology to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the body overseeing our welfare National Training Unit (NTU) for televised matter. Hope that such an irresponsible kind of reporting will not happen again in due course as it will tarnish the image of the National Training Unit (NTU) and cause misunderstanding and ill-feelings.

Thank you.