Dear Sir,

Today's announcement (Solomon Star 21 October 2010) that 18 houses will be built for the police in Gizo compliments similar housing plans for the police at Henderson, Tetere, Rove, Munda, Lata, Noro and, hopefully, soon at Buala and Marau. In all, 200 houses are expected to be built under the joint funding program between the Solomon Islands Government and by donors.

My biggest regret when in office was the lack of funds to built and improve police accommodation, albeit some refurbishing did take place at Rove and in other provinces with generous help from the Republic of China (ROC) Government.

I would like, if I may, to thank the Solomon Islands Government, Police Minister Tora and the Premier of the Western Province, George Lilo, but above all the Government of New Zealand and the Australian Federal Police via the auspices of RAMSI, for the generous and long awaited housing support for the RSIP.

I extend my appreciation, also, to Peter Marshall the incumbent Commissioner of the RSIP and to former Assistant Commissioner Denis McDermott, the previous Commander of the PPF in the Solomons.

The new houses, when built, will do much to improve police morale and further enhance the capacity building measures taking place in the police service.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short