Dear Editor,

I am grateful to be allowed such a writing column on your site.

Just a few comments on the above topic.

I commend you Mr. Charles for the initiative taken in realizing that our forests need conservation. Keep it up. You are an advocate in this sense.

All citizens of Solomon Islands, whether educated or not, employed or not, old, young, big and small, we need to realize that there is a great need to conserve our environment now before it's too late.

As is common knowledge, all living things depend on their surroundings for survival. As humans, we need oxygen to survive. This comes from all the trees that surrounds us.

Just imagine, you were left alone in a dried up desert, with no trees, grass or sign of any living thing around, how would you survive? What would you do? you will die definitely.

To all land owners who are thinking of starting a logging operation on your land, my advise to you is to stop and rethink for a second. Just imagine all the living creatures that depends on the forest for survival, to them it is home for years and years, just like your home to you. If you were them, how would you feel if a logging company comes in and started digging up your home, destroying your land and all that you've got, what would be your reaction?

The irony here is that we should take up such initiatives like the one Charles just did, and I really appreciate him for it. We start thinking of conserving our environment instead of destroying it through unprecedented deforestation practices.

We should start think about safer ways of harvesting our forests, we should start think about getting money through other means and not logging alone.

Hence, as a responsible and concerned Solomon Island citizen, we need to work together to conserve our forests and our environment because after all it is you and me who will going to reap what we do to our forests and our environment.