What is the deal with the BeMobile TopUp system?

I now have two mobile phones; one Our Telekom one and the other a new BeMobile phone. I bought the BeMobile phone just to check out the services, expecting cheap promo call discounts. I have tried on several occassions to Topup my Bemobile prepaid phone but found it very frustratingly hard. I tried calling the '100' help line on the card but it ended up at a Telekom office number! Olketa Wantoko ae, hao moa olsem? I called their other helpline but no one answers. Finally i went to their office at the old Solair building and got some help. However i was surprised to see mainly white people serving as sales people. Where are the locals?

I am begining to be convinced that this Bemobile company is just all show with their billboards and painting of stores. Now it is begining to be clear that Telekom is not that bad at all! At least they have a mobile service that works and a Topup system that is very reliable. Come on Bemobile give these guys a competition! Give us the world class quality of service we were promised.