Wantoks, I think Rev's point of view is been blown out of proportion by some of our contributors. I don't think he encouraged people not to speak English, rather to learn another language and conscious of other cultures as part of personal social progression.

In English speaking countries, students are encouraged to learn either French, German, Spanish, or Italian. It is good for business and work (diversity in work places is extremely common nowadays than in any other time in the history of this world). But off course our priority is learning to write and speak better English.

It is not our fault that we don't speak "better" English when attending Unis in UK, AUS, or NZ. It is just the reality of a country that has about a hundred speaking languages and dialects with Lingua Francas (Pidgin & English). Trust me, Solomon Islanders speak better English than say Asians, Arabs, and Africans. I am not trying to put these people down, but after attending Unis with bunch of them I realized I wasn't that bad at all! ha.