Mr. Keniapesia, the questions which the East Are'are election Petitioners' have raised, and those for which you and Mr. Hanaria will present in defense are questions of, and, for law to decide on.

I am sure the Court will give Mr. Hanaria and Mr. Keniapesia all the time in Honiara for them to provide proof to their innocence.

My question for Mr. Keniapesia for the moment is: why is it that he is the Secretary of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, but campaigned for Mr. Hanaria, who is a Congres Party candidate, and not Mr. Ahikau, who is SIs Democratic Party candidate?

The above question may not be asked to Mr. Keniapesia in Court but perhaps it may point to Mr. Keniapesia's other interesting ways of conducting politics in East Are'are.