Grateful if this simple thought be included into your editors column. Having in mind that the new gov't is yet to finalize and announce its policies for the next four years, this wild imagination might not be that bad of an idea to explore. This is about providing a free meal for primary school pupils each day during school days through out Solomon Islands. I want to call upon responsible authorities to explore this further and do some feasibility assessments to see if it is viable to under-take with respect to our socioeconomic status currently. It could be blended with the current fee-free education policy. With so much mix reactions from the public about the administration of such funds by some head teachers, principals and school boards and their expendables, this new idea would not be without critiques for sure.

However, it is believed that it would do more justice to our innocent pupils by having something in their stomach each school day than as currently experienced in most rural and remote primary schools through out the nation - empty stomach until reaching home during school days. Given the hardships these vulnerable kids faced with each school days, taking some serious leap in addressing their collective needs could not be that bad either. These are our very future hopes, therefore taking such early national responsibility apart from what is provided for by parents/guardians is not that bad of an undertaking.

Would it not worth a try?

What do you as a parent think?