The failure to sight even an iota of evidence of the mysterious plane crash in East Malaita by the Police and RAMSI may have sound weird news to many.

But to these people living in the vicinity of this area as well as other parts around the island this is normal phenomenon for centuries past , which have been sighted around Malaita as well as Guadalcanal and as far as Makira.

Most of the local folks call these "Dragon Snake" while the white man term it Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO).

But the million dollar question is why have these subterranean guys come so close and being so overt than they have been as ever before?

There is reason to believe, that these subterranean guys have got something up their sleeves to show their presence on this island.

There several well documented sightings by individuals such as Mr Marius Boirayon, a retired Australian veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force who documented well over 60 sightings of these UFOs back in 1995.

Earlier on in 1961, a guy from NASA also made a few extraordinary expeditions into the jungles of Malaita and along the coast where he had first-hand encounters with these UFO phenomenon.

His sightings could only confirmed without an inkling of doubt the sightings of a British Geologist by the name of "Mr.Groper" in 1950-1960, who saw these UFOs and reported them back to England.

Interestingly, the site of this reported mystery plane crash is exactly on the spot where one of the six(6) UFO base entrances on the island are suspected to be located.

Anyway, let's hope these subterranean guys are also on a mission "helpem fren" otherwise their 'reign of mystery' is a 'sign of the times' as the Lord Jesus fortold that in the last days there shall be strange signs and wonders on earth and in the heavens( Acts 2:18-20).

God bless you!