Since no debris have been recovered of the plane that crashed into the ocean off Malaita, and no identification could be made as to what aircraft type it was then at least the multiple numbers of eye witnesses should be taken into consideration that this in any court would stand as solid evidence that an actual crash as a matter of fact did occur!! It did happen.

Thus we have a real UFO crash site in Mailaita, UFO since it is an Unidentified Flying Object.

Now my friends, take into consideration the many accounts of UFO sightings around Malaita as well as Makira/Qudalcanal, well Solomon Islands as a whole,and you might just understand why we should take these seriously, we need answers, what crashed off Malaita?? as of now it stands true to say that a UFO did, an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO crash site!

Maybe it wasn't a crash at all, maybe the site was an entrance to an undersea tunnel leading into the Hollow earth, the land of the lost tribes of Israel where this aircraft actually originated from, a race of giant humanoids living in a landscape filled with giant healthy flora and fauna complete with a central sun?

well you might say..nuff smok marijuana na brada!! tryna make you think out of the box!! The reality is yours to decide.