Great points are scored with regards to the above topic.

While its best as some said,to have confidence in both pidgin and english, or maybe as well as your particular dialect, it must be borne in mind that pidgin is an enemy of english. Do you see that?...Find out...

Do you know why people say that we speak some thing such as "broken english" in the Solomons? is because the influence of pidgin.

One critic of this raised issue state that and i quote..."Confidence in each others way of life, living and speaking is central in this civilized world."

Think again...our way of life and living must not be confused with our pidgin which negatively influence the way we want to learn english as a global language.

Finally, at the airpot in Brisbane, I am the next to be checked. At the next check point was a man whom I can only identify him as a wantok by the way he speak to the airport attendant saying..."I go home to Solomon now".