I did not read Hon.Dick Hamori's allegation against Hon. Sogovare regarding his defection to join Hon. Abana's camp but I must say that Hon. Sogovare's response in the Solomon Star dated Friday 27th August 2009, page 7 raises alot of question about the recent formation of government prossess. It is clear from Hon.Sogovare that his change in allegience is based on personal principles and national interest.

One thing that came out clearly in Hon.Sogovare's response was that the choice of leadership was not done by the MPs elect but by a "serious interest groups. Hon. Sogovare went on to say that he realigned himself for knowing too much about what was happening in the Pacific Casino, Red Mansion, Honiara Hotel and Mendana Hotel camps.

We can either believe his story or shove it aside as just covering up but only time will tell.

Our good MPs, you must know that people have prayed and will continue to pray and nothing that is hidden or covered up will remain hidden. If what Hon. Sogovare has stated is true, it will be brought out in the light in the not too distant future.

God Bless Solomon Islands.