I am grateful indeed to congratulate Hon Danny Philip as our newly elected Prime Minister for Solomon Islands. Wishing you God's blessing and divine direction in your leadership as the Head of Government responsible for the arms of governmental institutions, nation building and people's welfare for the next four years.

This outcome has significantly revealed the majority of MPs in a particular political party who legitimate power to their individual choice. I hope all the MPs from the triumphant party really represent their constituents and the people's common interest. Evidently you deserve the honour from the citizens of this country.

However, as the new Prime Minister will set up the formation of government in the next few days, thus it certainly supportive and purposeful. In particular as a Solomon Islander I would rather adhere to listen to a song that our Prime Minister will sing althrough the years of enthronement. Whether it be old or new song the most fascinating part is the tune. Hon Danny Philip was the father of his family unit but now he his the father of the nations within Solomon Islands.

There you are that is a great achievement, you become our pride, our hope for the present and future, our key player in both international and national arena. So as your deservable gift.

God Bless Solomon Islands.

Nixon Ramo
Suva, Fiji