As an alcoholic, I cannot just condemn our country's top Futsal star Jack Whetney.

I read the news about Jack a few days ago and somebody said he was some kind of behaving disorderly.

I don't know the writer who reported on this matter but it was quite odd to say Jack behaved disorderly when he "hi-5" to those people in the restaurant in a party or something.

I laugh to myself because everybody knows what 'hi-5' is and it's not an insult or a crime to do so. I personally believe a hi-5 is a away of greeting another person. It is also a sign of friendship by showing one's appreciation that we are friends or brothers.

To you the writer who reported Jack as behaving improperly, I would say you must try and interact with other people and stop sticking to yourself. This will help you to know what a hi-5 means.

Whether one is drunk or not a hi-5 is just as simple as that. Don't try to tarnish somebody's reputation when you are not walking in his shoes. Everybody makes mistakes and being drunk and doing hi-5 is not an crime. I would better advice you to apologize to Jack for posting this to the media.

Lo solo iumi say small things noma need noma for write lo media. Time for party ma iumi party na ya..u must savve this one so no takem wrong as an educated person.

Oldabest Kukuru boys. We are really proud of you. You made Solomon Islands fly so high that we can hi-5 with the rest of the world in Futsal.

To you Whetney. You relax. Stepping stone so continue to dominate with your skills.

God bless Solomon Islands.