Dear Editor,

Please allow me to contribute to the discussion on how to choose the new Prime Minister before nominations close.

Since Independence 32 years ago we have been very mindful of each other and in our decision-making about who should be our top leaders. We have secured the social fabric carefully and with sensitivity.

It has become our own convention to spread the leadership among the Provinces, just like the Pacific Island countries make each other feel good by ensuring the heads of our many regional institutions come from the three distinct regions of the Pacific.
For us it has become customary to make sure the provinces feel that the main leadership positions are shared among worthy people of different provinces. It is part of our political culture.

So please MPs consider your nominations in light of the custom we have developed.
Let us stick with Solomon Islands custom in appointing national leaders. The GG is from Malaita. The Speaker is soon to retire, so maybe the experienced former Deputy Speaker from Temotu should become the new Speaker, or the experienced former Deputy Speaker from Choiseul. I think it is Temotu's time for Speaker.

And as to the Prime Minister, the West and Isabel can wait until the man from Guadalcanal has a full term as Prime Minister. There is no doubt he is worthy and qualified. After the West and Isabel, and when the GG has retired, it will be Malaita's time. By then Mr. Rick Hou will be the most senior, most valuable person in the house and will be very well known to and respected by people around the whole country.

Thank you