I have read in other online newsletters that there has been criticism of our star futsal player Jack Whetney, let me tell you now that who ever mentioned this in any online newsletter to discredit our futsal star is plain and simple;

1. Not a Solomon Islander or
2. A jealous Solomon Islander

Whetney does not need this, this kine fassin ya na bringim every Solomon Islander down ya!, when you see someone strive for the better and achieve greater then you cut them down!, stop this!

This is complete jealousy and you should be ashamed of yourself, even if the facts are true and Whetney did turn up drunk then let me ask you, who are you to object to his one night of celebration after giving the Solomon Islands 3 Oceania Futsal titles to our belt. After taking the Solomon Islands to a Futsal World Cup.

Whetney is more of a role model than you could ever be, the countless new generations of our children that he has inspired benefit more from what he has done in terms of national pride than our government itself, he is a hero and should be respected.

You should let your primitive perspective down a little and tune into other sports as an example, watch the world cup,watch grand prix racing and see what happens at the end of all that training and endurance, when someone wins and is a champion, the first thing they do is get champaign/alcohol right there on that very prize/goal awarding stage infront of T.V. and what do they do afterwards they open it and drink it up, enjoy themselves. a moment of carefree relaxation after having delivered and achieved.

Fellow Kurukuru fans speak up for Jack, i have heard you shout louder than thunder with every one of his goals, so write on his behalf and tell all that he has done nothing wrong. The one person who sounds drunk is the one jealously complaining against him, you should have been sober enough to controle your envy that lead you to make up such things on the internet rather than helping controle your fellow Solomon Islander in his well deserved celebration.

Jack you the man!! Drink as much as you want as long as it does not disadvantage you in your future sporting capabilities and achievents.