Dear Editor,

Its not a new thing nor a surprise for movements by MPs from camp to camp. But the move by Mr G Darcy MP from his camp to the other is not because of the reason assumed because of the sacking by the then PM Sikua, as quoted in Solomonstar, but I thought reading between the lines, the main reason is:, he wanting to become PM, therefore he's got to be at the camp would be more likely to form the next government, and standing his chance to be nominated to become PM.

My second thought is about the idea of power balancing, I thought SI is maturing and such immature idealogies we should grow out of it now. Whether the GG is from Malaita, and the PM is from Malaita should make no difference because the GG and PM both doing their jobs not for Malaita only but for the rest of our country.

When we still harbour this sort of backward idealogies, then regionalism, islandism, wantokism, will contiunue to divide us. All we should do in today's mind set of our new generation is unity of our country and policies to develop our resources for our people.

But congratulaions to our country for election and to all elected MPs for the new house.