Dear editor;

Thank you editor for space provided in inserting this article into your infamous column. As we enter post-election era, it would be very much appropriate in joinning other brethrens in congratulating our newly elected MPs to our respected honourable house - The National Parliament of the sovereign state of Solomon Islands. Results declared constituted half new law makers while the other half gripped their tentacles tightly still, through due democratic electoral processes. Congratulations indeed honourable MPs elect, both old and new. Now, we leave the rest to history while you head for electing a prime minister that will later lead to the formation of a government, for the people and by the people of our nation. Let wisdom guided by divine guidance prevail in this very important process as you decide and make up your minds as to who will grip the captaincy.

Through this said democratic process also, Gela constituents still have faith in our former MP by electing him to continue representing us for the next four years. Congratulation indeed MP for a hard fought battle and job done. With differing views of what makes a good rep in the honourable house, Gela people have spoken out loud and clear yet, in electing you to be our voice for the next four long years.

Though the majority of us did not vote for you, the fact that you will be representing us for the next four years cannot be denied. Our voice will become your voice. Equally, your silence will be our silence as well. Hon. MP elect, if anything but to go by recent history, your role as our representative in the last four years have not been good enough. It did not even worth mentioning. Therefore, please ensure that the next four years will not be a repetition of the preceding four. Please prove the statsistics revealed by Transparecy Solomon Islands (TSI) along with what we ourselves had observed through your actions and deeds wrong this round. Though optimistic as you begin this role again, 'old habits die hard', so a saying goes.

Though not that qualified to advise you honourable but as a village dweller who faces the challenges of the current economic woes coupled with borderless globalization day-in day-out, let the voice of the silent be heard. I leave the rest to your team of technical staff to map out our course for the next four years. That task, I believe had been carried out deligently and faithfully by your comrades, as evident in your re-election. Could not agree more that you have a pool of advisors to be successful again this round, proving popular opinions then totally wrong. I might be accused of crying over 'spilt milk' here, so be it. At least, I have put across my thoughts and perphaps those of the silent majority. For once Albert Einstein said, 'The good thing is not to stop questioning'(unquote). Abraham Lincoln also further said, 'You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time'..(unquote).

Lastly, what had transpired at Tulagi after the declaration of your re-election victory was regretable indeed and should send strong glassy message to your leadership qualities. Individually, I condemned in the strongest term possible this act of lawless behaviour. However, if anything but to go by Isaac Newton's third law of motion, 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'..then it can be deduced that you yourself be partly blamed for this unfortunate event. The truth was that Gela people have been denied their voice for sometime now and it had evaporated unfortunately on your victrious moment. Though, it can be somehow hypotheticaly guaged here that Gela people do not hate you as as individual, rather your qualities and styles of leadership do. One immediate restructural adjustments that needs to be done in alleviating further alienation to Gela people through this would be to have one Gela person as you constituency development officer (CDO) this term unlike the previous one. Also engage more in infrastructural development like wharves, roads, shipping and social services such as church, health and education that have far more reaching effects to many than your current individual circum and oscilating projects. It's a pain in the eyes to see same individuals being dished out top, bottom, left, right, centre and east, west, north, south every now and then. After all, your supportors should be ashamed of such practices given it involves public money. Are they more important than the majority of us? Is it morally and lawfully right? Enough is enough on these past shaddy practices. Change for the better. For now we leave the rest to law enforcement agencies to deal with as you begin refunctioning again as our rep in the ninth parliament of our beloved nation.

To conclude, congratulations once again indeed Gela MP elect and wish you good health and God's blessing as you humbly take your 'oath of allegiance' of service to Gela people, nation and the queen. Congratulations also to all MPs elect for the ninth parliament of Solomon Islands. With uncountable unforseen circumstances expected ahead, an enlightment from Albert Einstein may also worth mention..quote 'The high density of the individual is to serve rather than to rule' (unquote).
Meanwhile, this article will not be my last as I have afixed my sight-aiding instruments well adjusted for transparent, accountable, responsible and wisdom driven governance with divinely nature without fear or favour in Gela constituency.

God bless Solomon Islands

Kirisadudu Kito
Boromole village
Gela constituency