Judd, I am not sure what you mean in your response to my posting. But you could perhaps grasp my point clearly if you could take time to recap on an article carried on this website under the current heading- (especially the last two clauses at the end) publised on Friday 16 May.

English langauge is learned in school and it is expected to be spoken or written when or where ever it is necessary. There is no doubt about that.

The point is that langauge is a means of communication and a point of culture contact and relationship. Hense to learn one's langauge is to allow one self to establish some forms of relationship with that particular language community. We do the same when learn to speak other peoples langauges including english. We can able to create relationship.

Therefore it is worthy of our notice not to look down on our national pidgin langauge. It must be learned and spoken by those who want to be our genuine friends and live with us in Solomon Islands.