Dear Editor,

I used to be a staunch supporter of the presence of RAMSI in the country, especially at the advent of the so called Ethnic cleansing, but as the clock is ticking away and normalcy obviously returned, I am of the opinion that they should now consider returning to their respective home countries. They have done their job professionally and have provide numerous asistance to various sectors in the country, there's no doubt about that and of course we appreciate that very much.

Seven years on, and its now becoming a thorn on the side to see them still carrying guns around and with their view of Solomon Islands as another Irag or Afghanistan. They should consider leaving us now so that we can decide our own destiny. We are undersiege for so long and its about time they are shown the exit door. Any Government that forms should seriously consider forming our own military to fill the security vacuum they are going to leave behind. Solomon Islands needs own military more than ever and the success of forming one depends very much on the departure of RAMSI.