I wrote in ealier in reply to Katie Fono's letter, but somehow, somewhere along the cables and lines my letter got stuck.

It failed to show up in the letters to the editor column.

My point was: As times and seasons change, so does governments, politics, international relations and strategic interests and values of the superior upon the inferior.

I cited the division of Korea into South and North along the 38th parallel, the Okinawa issue in Japan, Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan as examples of the 'unpredictability of power shifts' resulting in military presence turning into military ocuupation.

My fear was Solomon Islands is no exception. History is on our side. Yet we have failed miserably or miserably helpless to learn anything from it.

With the current trend of mission 'helpem fren' going on the ground in Solomon Islands, I fear the same fate for this mission.

I was not even criticising RAMSI for that, but essentially I was raising the "red light".

Danger zone ahead folks! Danger! We got to be very cautious!

Seni Maziola