The 2010 election results produced some very interesting news and disappointments to some electorates and candidates. The election results are notably remembered as:

.Disappointments to super heavyweights the likes of Fono, Kemakesa, and Hilly.

.Allan Kemakesa publicly declared before the election that he is 90% confident, but somehow the doubtful 10% defeated him.

.Fono's hope on his newly established party prior to the election is doubtful about the lifeline of that newly formed party.

.The Our Party, the first political party to have reached out through out the country proved unpopular where they lost majority of their candidates. This clearly shows that individual characters still precede party policies.

.Election results that caused disturbance to some of our provincial centres and also eventual evacuation of Su'u students and staff.

.We have a son and father both elected same as Michael Somare and Arthur Somare in PNG.

. Voters' registration lists proved to be unreliable to certain extent. People still find their names appeared more than once. Voters residing closer to the polling station find their names missing compared to those traveling from a far.

Some more observations:
.Voters not necessarily look at the candidates' quality or look at him/her as a person. There are some external factors associates with that person, whether they look at him as a former member, look at him as a businessman or value him/her in terms of having lots of money.

.Voters don't care whether candidates have serious medical problems.

.And the 2nd round of election is about to roll and already some critics predicted a repetition of the 2006 PM's election. Like the minority Our Party might become a power broker in the end.