I am glad if you can put this comment on your site please.

I see no reason why Lusibaea has to face critisms from even the outside world.

Let us look at justice. He served 5 years in Rove Correctional Service- I believe he has been corrected for his past mistakes. This is same with Hon Maelanga, then why not pick on Maelanga and others before Lusibaea? This is radiculious!

Mind sometimes disturbed with such accusations- especially when outsiders like my friend Radclyffe poked his nose in North Malaita affairs or interest to choose Hon Lusibaea as their leader in our Big House.

Others, please don't judge our friend Jimmy too early. Give him a chance to demonstrate his leadership potential in the next four years in power.

I am also afraid my friend Lusibaea many outside people fear such people like you with patriotic character to defend your people in our Big House.

But congrats Jimmy Lusibaea.