Dear Editor,

I would quite disagree with Mr Boyd & Maziola on their thoughts about the military presence. Lessons need to be learnt here and be more vigilant as the next phase towards election of a prime minister looms. Our communities of Honiara will need them badly at this crucial event. Of course, they wouldnt go shooting at anybody, and I don't see anything in the photos that is an eyesore. Their presence is for a worthwhile course hence any of their photo's cannot be depicted as such. What i can see is that, from the few problems that have happened already in the recent elections, are just akin to that of the April chinatown riots that because people were not happy with election results. Be it for the ordinary member or one for the prime minister elections, we do need them this time round. What is already an eyesore is the burning of the ballot boxes/papers and i hope the same can be avoided for Su'u school,staff and students . Already these are warning signs that cannot go unheeded. People are not the same anymore, our people are more aggressive this time so therefore i wouldnt see a problem with the presence of the military. Keep our people safe for safety sake. I wish our people and parliament members a secure and safe environment when deliberating on the next phase of elections for prime ministership.