Dear Editor,

Please Leaders! Help us to grow our Political system in a fair and just manner.

Congratulations, to our new Political leaders, you've shown the credibility and potential to lead our nation forward. Solomon Islands had been toiled for 32 years after gaining political independence. As a sovereign nation, we need to amalgamate and shoulder the responsibilities to leap forward the country. We've seen and reap the challenge our nation is encountering and that leaves an existing scar.

Our good political leaders, you've entered the house through a democratic process and our good citizens are expecting none other than a simple leap in doing what is right, work as one and value every voice regardless of race, ethnicity and religion or to some extend rich and poor.

We have been lured with a lot of complexities and overlook our basic responsibilities and the classic consequences are; a downturn in political existence, economic instabilities and social disparities.

The simple truth is, "live an example and own our actions".

Leaders and good citizens! The responsibility vested, is to make change for Solomon Islands. We are politically independent and we must have the mindset and aspirations to move the country forward. Against the backdrop of interdependency, we must acknowledge the fact that the success of the country to progress requires fresh thinking and continuous innovation in good governance.

We must take turn to reassess our political leadership and seized necessary element in achieving the national goal, vision and destiny.

To our new political leaders, corruption and poor leadership have deprived the rights of the country to advance. It's our humble plea for the good politicians to demonstrate a quality of leadership in the highest decision making body of the country.

We are hoping for a chance of good governance and, better still aspire to boost economic recovery. We participated in the process of electing leaders having in mind that the aspirations of the nation can be met holistically and not for individual gain/ own benefits. We must work together for our young and fledging democracy, and proven again a democratic nation. Let's create a better future that is full of opportunity for our good citizens.

Our Solomon Islands, Our Heritage, Our Wealth and Our Sustenance, we must own our actions and do what is right for the future of this beloved Nation.

From shore to shore God bless our Happy Isles.