The subject above have been a hot issue on the Solomon star since the instalment of the so called Education Attache for Solomon Islands students here in Fiji.

" It has been 3 weeks into the second semester, assignmnets are dueing and I hardly got any books to read from the bookshop because I'm yet to recieve my allowance, or even book allowance." Metioned one of my tennants as I approached him of why he didnot pay his rent for the last 2 months. "I tried calling our Education Attache but he is not answering his calls. "I sent him emails every day but he hardly replied any. Now I'm in a state of confusion, and worried of failing my units''. He added.

Several other students as I enquire about the matter share the same sentiment about this Eduation Attache.

Thus I reckon that this person is not competitent to this job. Ignoring phone calls and not replying to emails when he is not always available for students at times when they need him most are signs of ignorance and unprofesionalism. If this so called Education Attache does not willing to answer students calls or reply to emails, then why is he here, or what the use of him being here or who is he here for. Being mute does not solve anything but shows characters of lack of transparency, ignorance and unprofesionalism.

From my experience at work, the first thing to do in the morning at work is to check my mail box and reply to emails. thus every phone calls shall must be answered, weither it is business or not. I'm not really familiar with the role of an Education attache. But I guess that it must be really a heavy loaded job that this person does not even have time to answer phone calls or even reply his emails.

As I typed the word "Education Attache in Fiji, into google search this morning, I saw dozens of articles of such complaints on the person. Thus I'm convinced that Solomon Islands students studding here had suffered enough of the unprofesional work of this person.

Therefore its time that the National Training Unit to look seriously into removing this guy and sending someone who will be here for students and deal with students at a competitent and profesional level.

Someone who pets himself down to serve students and will always willing to serve at any time, in every circumestance, by every reacherable means.

I'm saying these from my point of view as a Land lord who act as parents to share with the suffering of such students. And I have been experiencing such issues on Solomon Island students over the last three years.

Such issues is serious and may result in students experiencing mental illness such as stress, lack of confidents and lowself-esteem or even stigmatized in such an institution of mix races.

Moreover the result is poor perfomance and the number of students being terminated will increase since NTU is very strict on your new policy on students.

Thus I urge the NTU and the Upcoming governemnt to consider this issue serious and must act on it.