Having been a keen follower of Solomon Islands news internet sites, I have been constantly disgusted by seeing candidates who are trying to stand for the up and coming elections present themselves in a very non-professional manner. The media has not taken any steps so I am forced as a worried Solomon Islanders to bring my views forward after having watched a One Television online news report titled "Grassroots information association convinced by OUR party policies."

In this particular news video report there was an interview conducted with a Peterson Maniasi, which I will say was the most disgusting sight I have ever seen on TV with regards to political party members on an election trail. I question readers as to who in their right mind frame would elect such an individual's party into power seeing how he is obviously not someone you would trust with any part of our nations future leadership, he plainly is arrogant in that interview as he looks away and not into the camera, he does not humble himself and state facts and reasons yet has a very arrogant look.

You would think the worst was over but he goes on and constantly licks his betelnut stained mouth infront of the TV, keeps rolling his tongue making horrible gulping noises. Need I say more? Please watch the report which is on One Television online and tell the solomon islands population what you think about putting our future into the hands of such individuals who plainly show no self respect, let alone think of the respect they would show you once in power.

A sincere thank you to the editor for posting this report before it is too late and the people make their votes.

Andrew. S