On 14th July, it was very interesting to read about Samuel Rahii's article on Bottom Up Approach in which he has revealed the true bottom up approach.

Mr. Rahii has given us some practical steps to move from bottom to the top.

On 17th July, it was also very interesting to watch the Australian Prime Minister declaring the Australian 2010 election date and in her speech we used her campaign slogan "Moving Forward" and mentioned it 22 times.

I found some similarities in the ideologies in both what Samuel Rahii said to what the Australian Prime Minister Campaign slogan, "Moving Forward".

Samuel Rahii has mentioned "MOVE" 5 Times

.. Since the system of systems is Pyramid in structure with only a few people at the top, you will never move the 80% at the bottom of the system up and if you do move the bottom up, you will only push the top further up the systems.

.. These are the levels we need to move our people into.

.. The modeling which was briefly covered highlights the mindsets that we need to develop and move the few employed people who are the creams of the country into stage 2.

.. The saddest thing is we have the best of our country lived and died at the lowest level with out having the opportunities to move from the Bottom Up.

.. True leaders heart and desire is to see his/her people move up the V system which is open to all SI to excel

Samuel Rahii wrote - "Our country needs a new mindset that will chart a new course and destiny for our nation. When all the people's eyes, hopes and dreams lies on the politicians for all the answers, we are actually looking backward and will surely go backward."

The Australian Prime Minister made a speech in which she declared that the election would be ''a choice as to whether we move Australia forward or go back'' - Sydney Morning Herald July 19th.

In contrast to what the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the Australian Labor Party 2010 Election Campaign slogan - " MOVING FORWARD", Samuel Rahii's 7 Stages of the V system gives us a more clearer and practical direction of Moving Forward.