It's quite a hot issue like a cake out of the oven-former MPs and some new kids on the block hitting the campaign trail with some too-good-to-be true promises like universities and multimillion dollar projects while they can not even get existing ones such as Aluta Basin project, Bina Habour, etc off the ground.

I even find hard to grasp Mr. Wale and his cohorts' notion that their party as they claimed is a party of 'common sense'.

So where has all these 'common sense' gone?

As a village lad carved out of the rugged and below-poverty line social status and catapulted into university, thanks to God's grace and hard work, I managed to scrape through to university from an old rugged, hopeless and forgotten primary school that lies just at Mr. Wale's door step.

By the way, I am talking about Ambu primary school (formerly was Sinasu P.S)

Mr. Wale and his party of common sense could do better by pumping in more funds into this run-down primary school and upgrade it into decent fascilities for our children.

The same goes to other primary schools nationwide.

Anyway, we need to start getting down to the brass tacks and do something realistic than promising voters the moon and the stars.

After all, talking is too cheap.

The government should start considering Electronic Voting technology via internet, so that those of us living and studying abroad can join you everybody at home in electing our leaders.

God Save Solomon Islands Democratic Party and Solomon Islands.