Dear editor

With the up coming election, all minds in the people of the Solomon Islands will again be hoping that the incumbent Government is one free off corruption.

This is also true of the international community.

The Solomon Islands has so much to offer and benefit which could all be spoilt by going back to the days of brown paper bags for mates in power. Sikua is not one of these people and thank goodness there is finally one strong politician in the Solomon Islands which can see a future beyond his own pocket.

I do not know Sikua personally, but I watch from afar and see a strong, transparent man with a vision for the Solomon Islands, but it is not just me, the international community have also been watching and they like what they see in Sikua.

The Solomon Islands lost an opportunity recently in a bill that was defeated by those that protect their personal interests, Sikua responded very appropriately at the time and the international community showed no condemnation for his strong reaction in sacking many ministers. This was a very powerful show of support for Sikua by the international community.

Recently Sikua's office rejected a request from a Canadian finance broker to put additional pressure on the finances of the Solomon Island people via a Government Guarantee. Why would or should the Government provide a Financial Guarantee to some one else? The request may have been from a credible Canadian Finance broker, but ultimately the broker is acting for a third party, who are they? Are these people credible? It was the right choice to say NO and not indulge in such risky behaviour on behalf of the people of the Solomon Islands.

Sikua again made the hard, but correct choice for his people. These hard decisions are ones which invigorate the international community which ultimately gives people jobs and opportunities from new investment.

It takes courage to make stands like these shown by Sikua, lets hope more credible candidates are elected this time around and the Elected Government makes further improvements on Sikua's sound foundations.