The term Bottom Up Approach has been used by many people with regards to development but have come short of understanding the True Bottom Up Approach which is the reality of the issue.

Politicians and many people have become very descriptive of the real thing or the system that has held 99% of Solomon Islander captive and bondage.

To contribute to answer DR. Tarcisisu Tara's questions - "Whose bottom? Who, or what is approaching? Who is being referred to as "the bottom"?, we need to understand and discover the system of the systems that is controlling our lifes and the way we think and do things in this world.

I called it "the path way to ones financial freedom - the V system, the alternate system to the Pyramid system.

There are 7 stages in this real Bottom Up Approach - V system.

Stage 1. Ground Zero is the Employee - If you are an employee, then you are at the bottom of the system. ALL THE POLITICIANS / Employees are at this stage -

Stage 2. Self Employed - After been a employee for many years, there are only two options waiting for you, the grave or you retire and become self employed. 80% of SI who sometimes we refer to them as unemployed and living in rural SI are at this stage and is one level higher and above the politicians and employees.

Stage 3: - Manager - manages own life, business etc

Stage 4: - Owner - land, resources, small business etc

Stage 5: - Investor - opportunities to multiply what you have

Stage 6: - Entrepreneurial - multiple streams of income

Stage 7: - Philanthropy - charitable. This is the stage when one unlocks the true wealth and prosperity that God has truly purposed for His children- "the more you give, the more you receive" - Financial Freedom.

Since the system of systems is Pyramid in structure with only a few people at the top, you will never move the 80% at the bottom of the system up and if you do move the bottom up, you will only push the top further up the systems.

We need to develop an alternate system that will turn the existing system upside down.

The mindset of our people must be transformed with the knowing that they are already at the next levels higher than the politicians and the employees. They are already self employed and working for their money and food.

They are already managers of their own life and affairs. They are already owners of their land and resources.

What the 80% of the rural Solomon Islanders - sometimes we regard them as "Bottom of the system" needs are the Investor and entrepreneurial Mindsets, Attitudes, etc. These are the levels we need to move our people into.

Since the system briefly mentioned above is a "V" system with few people at the bottom - 1 GG, 1PM, MINISTERS, POLITICIANS, Employees - 15-20% of SI, there is hope out there for the 80% of SI.

The modeling which was briefly covered highlights the mindsets that we need to develop and move the few employed people who are the creams of the country into stage 2. This will give opportunities for our young graduates' opportunities to come through the employment system and bring fresh ideas and improvements to the employment sector for both the government and private sector.

The saddest thing is we have the best of our country lived and died at the lowest level with out having the opportunities to move from the Bottom Up.

Our country needs a new mindset that will chart a new course and destiny for our nation. When all the peoples eyes, hopes and dreams lies on the politicians for all the answers, we are actually looking backward and will surely go backward.

I hope everyone will now agree that when the Politicians are mentioning the famous "Bottom Up Approach", they are truly referring to themselves been served first because they are at the bottom of the V system. This is the reality and truth of the Bottom Up Approach. No wonder there is any real development in the rural areas.

To conclude, I do believe in my heart that the V system which was briefly covered above unlocks the Wisdom of our forefathers who though of our national motto " To Lead is To Serve". True leaders heart and desire is to see his/her people move up the V system which is open to all SI to excel in whatever calling they have been called and purpose to do - "the more you give, the more you receive"