If this is another wishful thinking by SIDP - or let alone outgoing Minister for Education and MP for Auki/Langa Langa constituency Mr. Mathew Wale. I heard this many many times over and over again and what time now Mr. Wale? I even heard Mr. Wale preached and declared this very intention (should he voted in parliament) in the old Malaita provincial leaf hut, in Auki prior to your election for the Auki/Langa Langa bye-election.

Please, Mr. Wale stop making fool of Malaita province and people and Solomon Islands, if this is another political campaign wishful list. Mentioning this I remembered, when CNURA Government took over from GCCG (2007) and Hon. Fred Fono - DPM declared Malaita Province and people this (CNURA) government is your government. Saying that they will give priority to outstanding Bina Habour project, Aluta palm oil, Waisi palm oil, Suava canary project, International Airport, etc.

Why not a single project is implemented - let alone few millions of dollars spent already on "dry ground breaking" by CNURA that never eventuated in any thing. Stop lying to the people of Malaita and Solomon Islands. People beware same people ba moa come around yia under Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP), Solomon Congress Party (SICP), its all CNURA and its old Wale and Fono; no difference. Please people of Malaita and Solomon Islands, vote new people and enough is enough!

God save Malaita and Solomon Islands.

Jon Kii Wane