KOs for the Kemakezas eminent?

Thank you editor for inserting this article in your infamous column. The choice of title 'Knock - out (KO) for the Kemakezas eminent?' might sound absurd so to speak, as the national general election looms nearer; but it is befitting to hightlight an era synonymous to the name that does not want to relinquish power so easily without a good bout nevertheless.

The name 'Kemakezas' had been a symbol of the two constituencies in Central Province - Gela and Savo/Russels for sometime now, let alone provincial politics for that matter. It had been part of the society so quick and fast that no one even ponders as to how it had gained such prominence in time with such passion. That, I leave to historians and researchers, but is the Kemakezas KO eminent? YES, YES, based on the following 'on - the - ground rules'.

First, there will be yet another bout this August the 4, and as according to the game's charter, you claim victory only either by points or a KO. In the event that an opponent has more strength, technical know - how, strategy, vision, health, morality, sheer mentality to endure and cheering crowds in his/her favour, then the Kemakezas KO is eminent.

Secondly, as champions will not always remain champions for eternity, nature will take a toll on the Kemakezas this round. Only dictators were known to have held onto power for longer than people would have wish; because of corrupt practices coupled with greed and personal ambitions at the expense of the poor and vulranable. If the Kemakezas do not fulfill the wishes of the people of Gela and Savo/Russells as their representatives, which reliable indicators had shown, then again, the Kemakezas KO is eminent.

Thirdly, our people's understanding of the importance of due electrol processes. I'm afraid if we the constituents of Gela and Savo/Russells were well aware and informed of our rights and responsibilities in choosing leaders who can carry us forward in this era of globalization on par with or even better than other constituencies. With due respect, I don't think the Kemakezas are the right leaders to call the marching order to achieve this great dream. This had been evident as the result of their performances over the last twenty or four years respectively. They failed to achieve tangible infrastructural developments that might have far reaching spill-over effects on us, indulging instead on politicking and how to remain on in power. Industries that were known to have provided employment opportunities for us; directly or indirectly, were either stalled or forced to relocate to other provinces, for example RIPEL,SML, NFD, Anuha and even the troubled SOLTAI Fishing and Processing Limited. Had we have visionary leaders who put people first other than self, Gela and Savo/Russells, let alone Central Islands should be better off by now given its geographical proximity to markets and other important infrastuctures such as ports and airport. Because the Kemakezas have failed miserably to show leadership here in protecting employments, industries and a clear and better way forward for us in achieving our dreams, let alone the province and the nation, their KO is eminent.

Lastly, can a KO on the Kemakezas in Gela and Savo/Russells constituencies be achieved together come August bout day? Yes, and it is very simple that requires no more than mere vote responsibility. If we use our ballots responsibly without fear or favour, guided by clear conscience free of intimidation and threats, not influenced by material goods and ballot buying, then KO for the Kemakezas is eminent.

To conclude, I urge Gela and Savo/Russell constituents to vote wisely, with divine guidance, this August. Please, vote for a candidate, man/woman, who can initiate sustainable changes that benefits the mass while still upholding values dear to us. Look for good character candidates with no unhealable scars. Avoid candidates which have a history of womanising or broken families. For how would candidates with broken families can run the two constituencies when they cannot even properly manage their own immediately families? For when do we longed for 'honest leaders'? The time is just right, and it is now. Vote that you will not regret in September. I leave you with a quote from the prophet Joshua: ''Choose today whom you will serve, as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord''.

God bless Gela and Savo/Russell constituencies and Solomon Islands.

Kirisadudu Kito