Dear editor,

Allow me space to thank Charles Deroller for his sound reply to Faiau in regards to the cost of tellecommunication in solomon Islands.

Indeed there is a price to pay for living in paradise. I think Charles has done a great work here. This is what I would refer to as the inconvinent truth about telecommunication in most third world countries. We've been told by few others who have tasted the fruit of a mango tree planted in a fertile soil that taste so sweet. However when they compare the mango fruit in a foreign soil with that back at home(which is planted in an infertile soil), it sorts of opening their eyes. Which is true.

However, I think it is too early to blame the tree planted in our local soil for not satisfying our taste. Look at us, look at what we are along this spectrum of industralisation and technology. Lots of work need to be done with the soil. Well it is a good thing to see the difference of what is there in the first and what is here in the third world. But try not be angry and frustrated like what few other Solomon Islanders had done to telecom and Bemobile saying all bad things about them.

Soon we will get there. But the promise of getting there will not be done with out a process. The process that leads is quite chanllenging and costly either. There are lots of difference between telecommunication in Solomon Islands compared to other countries. But I think Charles had clearly expalin it.

One thing that we as Solomon Islanders should be proud of and happy about was what Charles had said. I quote ; "the quality of life in Solomon Islands is far excess than that in USA. There is no place in the world more beautiful than the mountainous rain forests and pristine beaches of Solomon Islands; likewise, I know of no people who are so caring and giving as the Solomon Islanders. My friends, there is a price to pay for living in paradise; all things considered (including the price of telecom calls) in my opinion you all have it pretty good!"

However I also know that at the moment, telcome is monopolising the market. And we had enough of being ripped off by such market structure as if there is no other best alternatives. This is what our present regime must wake up to, instead of surviving on extremity as if we were in the late 50s and 60s. I believe with the current trend of globolisation through technology we shouldn't be that bad.

Thank you.