I enjoyed reading about the tight squeeze on Honiara's roads. Here in Laguna Province on Luzon Island in The Philippines, there has not been any construction of a new highway (nor any new lanes) for over thirty years. Population growth here has been much like it has been in the Solomons, high. While many roads have been paved and many shoulders have been paved into virtual lanes over that time, the lack of new roads is hurting.

Most vehicles get their best mileage between 40 and 75 kph. On the roads of Laguna Province, it is almost impossible to travel at 40 kph for much of the day.
The traffic jams are horrible: Three lanes where the road was designed for two, and motorcycles filling up the small gaps that remain. Motorcycles with sidecars, huge lorries, buses, obsolete Jeepneys, and a range of private vehicles fill the road for most of the day from 7am to 8pm.

You are lucky in Honiara, however: You have newspapers that help the public communicate with your leaders. Here in Laguna Province, home to some two million people, there are no newspapers.

Continue to keep them informed!