Dear Editor;

Thanks for allowing such a column online for people to make comments on issues arising within our beloved country Solomon Islands. I for one as a concerned citized, would like to make a few comments on the above item the so called Charity Fund.

Online, Solomon Star and Solomon Times had published news articles about this fund, saying that some people have been asking the former governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Mr. Rick Hou (currently in the country) as well as spreading rumors that he is in the country to disburse them their money, a claim whic he totally denied and I supported him for that.

From such claims, there are several points I'd like to make.

1. We as a responsible people should not mislead others into spreading rumors that are untrue, like this charity fund rumor. The reason is because at the international level, such actions will spread a perception of imaturity of mind by those spreading the rumor, although only a few did it. However, mind you that the moment it apears on the media, thoughts will be generated about it.

2. As a responsible people or person, we should trust our elites who I think they know much better about money laundering schemes that may decieve people off thier money. When thay say that they have nothing to do with such, we should trust them instead of thinking the other way and started spreading rumors.

3. From a sociological point of view, such rumors indicate a state of anomie in society, where there is no trust at all, since the tendency to go after rumors is so intense.

4. When there is anomie in society, conflict is inevitable. When people get frustrated about these rumors, they will ignite conflict.

5. Hence, for those of you good citizens who are thinking of or did spread rumors, please do consider that you are not alone, since society can suffer only at your words. Be condierate as a Solomon Islander and don't paint bad perceptions on our nation's walls.