Can somebody explain and help us with expensive telecommunication service in Solomon Islands? I could not realize the full picture until I find out as well in Tokyo, Japan. Man! In Japan according to call rate, Solomon Islands is the highest in the world, I mean #1 on the list and PNG is #2. Why, can some one explain? In Japan the call rate is Solomon Islands ¥125/minite, PNG ¥105, the rest of the countries are well below PNG ¥100. Even Fiji for example, the call rate from Japan is only¥65/minute. I know the same is true for call rate out from Solomon Islands.

Also interestingly Solomon Islands opened up telecommunication sector for competition, reliable and importantly cheap service only to give it to BeMobile - a registered Company of the world's second most expensive country - PNG. Are we really for competitively efficient and cheap service or to maintain our two top #1 positions in the world? That is why bemobile and PNG? Any thought on this?

J. K. Faiau
(TIC-Tokyo - Japan)