Dear editor

I am very skeptical about economic zones and foreign investment in general. I know that Mr. Sogavere is trying to set up a laboratory for economic investigation, however there are plenty of precedents open to him that attest that 'free' trade isn't really free and foreign investors are just preditors. Mexico is a good example
Investors are like crocodiles of the global investment jungle.

Secondly I cringe at Solomon Island politicians willingness to accept loans from the World bank! This has been the very demise to a lot of the African nations who are struggling to purchase food let alone servicing the interest of those loans.

The wisest investment is first education then the country has the know how to convert it's primary exports to secondary exports earning a higher export dollar. Eg. Copra is a primary export, however should a Solomon enterprise want to manufacture soap, that soap will be exported at a higher price than the primary copra. Even on a local market, the soap factory could purchase copra for local demand when the internatnational demand for copra is at a low!

Upon that note; please let me conclude this post with a biblical quote of wisdom; 'God bless the child who has their own'.