Dear Sir,

One, HARRY KWOW FROM AUSTRALIA, wrote that my writing was on the basis for cash for comments.

Knowing that Australia is full of briefcase advisers, I know of no one including Mr Kwow, who does anything for nothing.

After all, I have to eat as well. But I write because I believe in what I do and the right of the people to know.

You can say all you want to say in the comfort of your home in Australia, but people here have always been on the wrong end of the stick.

Unless someone stands up, we'll continue to be perpetual puppets of slavery and greed

So yes, I am credible, otherwise you wouldn't have wasted your time to write in.

Yes, I must be touching raw nerves with you that's why you're quick to apply the known cure in Australia called the "tall poppy syndrome" to shoot down someone who's probably better in what he does.

So thanks Mr. Kwow for acknowledging my credibility. Now you are a fan. Keep it up!

S Alfred Sasako