I may be late to make this comment and may be repeating what others have said but allow me to say my piece. Firstly the report is a good one, it gives us some information on how our parliamentarians have performed in Parliament over the years.

But that alone is insufficient for one to guage leadership and performance. Those who have had the opportunity to be part of the Legislature must also be scrutinized for their private life ( sorry but you are now a pulic figure) and how they have disbursed the RCDF, Mellinium fund and the Micro-project funds.

I believe a comprehensive report on thier performance might see those who talk too much in Parliamnent do very little for their people. We need these level of information before the elections.

Some leaders have forgotten what they have done in past and think that we can trust them by changing their colours but not their tactics.

Voters please, let us vote integrity!