Dear reader,

Another truth revealed and another excuse given, how long will this thing last? how long will the general public wait for an explaination for this matter? it is sad when responsible authorities let these unacceptable practices slip under their noses and pretend to know nothing, what a shame. It hapenned before, now and i guess it will hapen all over again, so when will this crubb ever stop? it seems, all person involve in this act of bribery had enjoyed it for years.

As a solomon Islander I'm calling for the authority responsible to consider this matter seriously and deal with it accordingly. If they are incapable to stand the test of bribery or under-tabel dealings, then why not leave it to those who think they can do it in loyalty and allegience as service for their country, those who for their country love more than themselves and are willing to stand for his or her fellow countrymen even if it means loosing all. I respect this man/woman with such character. To people who are practicing this unacceptable, stupid and nonsense act of bypassing my countries laws, they deserve to reap the consequences when their time comes, sooner or later they'll reap what they sow.