Dear Editor,

I wish to support Panga on his stand about creating false hope for our youths and overcrowding in Honiara.

Meanwhile, the so called advisor don't seem to know anything about the real situaltion in the solomon Islands. They need to do research before they embark on such a project. Did they know about the ethnic tension that displaced a lot of Solomon Islands families as a result? What about the recent natural disasters (tsumanis, landslides, floodings) that hit the Solomon Islands? Those events affected hundreds of families and including youths from the provinces. Of course youths from the provinces will be flooding into Honiara to look for jobs as a means to support themselves and their families.

To the world bank, may I say 'thumbs up for creating job opportunities for the Solomon Islands people. However, be realistic and ensure that these job opporunities are sustainable.

May God bless the Solomon Islands.