Dear Editor,

Can you find space to publish this -

I fail to reason why the government decided to cut public servants' entitlement by 35 percent. I believe this will really affect those public servants very much. This brings to me a question - WHY did the government slash down the public servants' entitlement, and yet they are really fattening their greedy pockets lately. By this, I am referring to all those so-called Parliamentary entitlements or what do whatever they call them - "Plundering this nation entitlement" that given to the MPs.

It is totally unfair - MPs are getting more and doing less for this nation and at the expense of the country. Are they in their right state of mind or what? The Sikua - led regime is the worst Solomon Island ever had since independence. Alot of the MPs in the Sikua regime go into Parliament to serve themselves at the expense of all the hardworking public servants, some of them who had serving their country their entire life. Can they be given some kind of appreciation for their services rendered to their country. This is totally a selfish thing to do. These people give their entire life serving their country in the different govt departments, the MPs are just there for one (4 years) and they get more share of the cake. For so long we've seen national leader who went into power and think they're up on cloud number 9.

If they want to cut down on governemtn expenses, then start with themselves and not rip everything that Solomon Islands is worth.